April is one of the finest months here in Austin, and we get to share it with our Ambassadors from New Zealand. We have 16 incoming guests from the Auckland region arriving on Sunday April 12, staying until Sunday April 19th. We'll be visiting the COTA Racetrack, the UT stadium, visiting San Antonio, and more. The Bluebonnets are out and hopefully will stay to gree them when they arrive. Be sure to come to the welcome breakfast on Monday April 13 and the farewell dinner on April 18.

If you are not receiving our Yahoo Group communications, please send a note to Joseph                                     Hunt - joshunt@sbcglobal.net and you will be added.

Coming up in April  - Board meeting on April 21 at 3:00 at the Old Quarry Library. Come and get involve and then join everyone for the happy hour at 4:30 at the Roaring Fork, Northwest Location at 10850 Stonelake Blvd, (512) 342-2700. Hear all about the SW Regional Conference where five board members attended and have new ideas to share and tell our stories of the New Zealand inbound exchange this last week.
  • Mae Scheib   Board Meetings Coordinator
  • Sally Scott General Meetings Coordinator
  • Zosia Hunt Exchange Director Coordinator
  • Dorie Schueller Membership Coordinator
  • Joseph Hunt Secretary
  • Anita Knight Treasurer

Get ready for 2015 exchanges - first we had inbound the Twin Cities coming to see us and escape the cold in February 11-17. Our planning paid off making it memorable for both the Ambassadors and hosts. In April we have the New Zealanders coming in for the week of April 13-19. That should be real fun.

10 Members of Austin Friendship Force went for our outward Bound Exchange to Calgary, Alberta September 4-11. They were joined with 10 people from the Knoxville, Tennessee club. Calgary was our visiting club in Fall of 2013. Look for stories in our spring newsletter.           

Interested in getting more involved? We have New Zealand clubs joining us in the spring and we are set to go to Brazil in fall 2015.
Can't wait for our next trip? Visit Friendship Force International and join another club on their trip.  http://catalog.thefriendshipforce.org/

We are the Austin chapter of Friendship Force International. We join others around the world who believe that "a world of friends is a world of peace".  This is a people to people program to learn about each other and strengthen ties of friendship.  We hope you will join us!!

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Our club was established in 1984.  Our mission is to sow the seeds of friendship across the nations of the world.  Since 1985 our active members have participated in Friendship Force sponsored trips to Australia, Africa, Cuba, Europe, the Far East, the Middle East and South America. In addition, Friendship Force clubs from Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Taiwan, and some within the United States, have visited us to have the Austin Experience.

Our members are adventurers who enjoy forging new friendships as we explore places around the world.  We live, work and play in Austin and the surrounding communities when we aren’t traveling.

A typical inbound/outbound exchange.

    Travel to the exchange location is usually arranged by the member. Exchanges are typically one week at each club and some exchanges may go to two clubs on an exchange. The exchange begins with a welcoming party for the arriving ambassadors. Ambassadors are hosted at club member homes during their visit. During the visit ambassadors see sites of interest in the area. The exchange concludes with a farewell dinner with our new friends. Often an exchange will include an optional after exchange tour.


We are committed to the following pledge:

As a member of the Friendship Force, I recognize that I can make a difference. I recognize that I have a mission. That mission is to be a friend to the people of the world. As I embark upon this adventure, I know that others will be watching me. I know that through my own example to my own fellow citizens and the people of other countries, the cause of friendship and peace can be furthered. I can make a difference.

For more information on the Austin Club or to receive a membership application

eMail us at FFAustin@gmail.com

Learn more about Friendship Force International at http://www.thefriendshipforce.org

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