Get ready for our annual Holiday Luncheon on Friday, December 2 that will be held at the Cat Mountain Clubhouse catered by Central Market. Be sure to respond to the eVite that was sent to you. This allows us to know how many will attend. This is a great time to be with our friends and celebrate the season. Plus, we need you to vote on our Leadership team for 2023. The slate is as follows, but if wish to put your hat in the ring, contact Joseph Hunt.

  • Leadership Coordinator - Carol Blanchard

  • Treasurer - Les Eckstat

  • General Meeting Coordinator - Mitz McGlone

  • Journey Coordinator - Judy Ratliff

  • Membership Committee - Loren Barrett

  • Secretary - Darlene Sugarek

  • Newsletter - Lisa Judge

How about the success of our recent incoming Journey for the Lower Colombia River club. Our guest gave great raves about our hosting and the activites. We did have great use of day hosts giving those who home hosted a releif from constant activities. The farewell party featured line dancing with an instructor from Georgetown. It was attended by 30 people and good song and skits accompanied Bar-B-Que from Rudy's. Great job done by our Host Coordinator, Judy Ratliff.

We are going to Hiroshima, Japan perhaps in April. We also have an inbound from Mexico but we have not discussed dates.

Leadership Council Members - 2022

  • Carol Parsonage ----Coordinator of the Leadership Council

  • Joseph Hunt ----Membership Coordinator and Publicity

  • Carol Blanchard ----Journey Director Coordinator

  • Carol Parsonage ----General Meeting Coordinator

  • Judy Ratliff (with help from Trisha Davis) ----Treasurer

  • Lauren Barrett ----Secretary and Historian

  • Newsletter Editor - Lisa Judge

  • Joseph Hunt -----Past Head of Leadership Council

If you have not renewed your membership for 2022 send your check for $40 made out to Austin Friendship Force to our treasurer Judy Ratliff at 1322 Nightingale Dr, Cedar Park, TX 78613 For new members it is $45 which includes a club badge - see application

To find out more about International and Austin Friendship Force look at our New Members Welcome Brochure.

Thanks to committee leaders for 2022:

  • Policies Anita Knight

  • Sunshine Communications Kay Binder

  • Website/Google Groups Joseph Hunt

  • Facebook Darlene Sugarek

FF Austin Communications will be coming from Google Groups where they used to be from Yahoo Groups. If you are not receiving notes, contact Joseph Hunt (

The Winter 2022 newsletter was distributed by email and it is also found here. Press this link to view. The Spring Newsletter will be available in April. The deadline for articles for the Spring newsletter is March 21. Thank you Lisa Judge for preparing this for us. Please think about contributing your travel and Friendship Force items of interest to the next newsletter. Send a note to our editor Lisa at for her consideration.

2022 Journeys and coordinators:

  • March 2022 Inbound with Baton Rouge - Carol Parsonage

  • March 2022 Gold Coast Florida - Linda Buehlman

  • Fall 2022 Inbound from Lower Colombia River, Washington - Judy Ratliff

If you are a member and not receiving our Google Group communications, please send a note to Joseph Hunt - and you will be added.

Interested in getting more involved? Contact any Leadership team member to see how you can help. Also, we are actively seeking new members, so talk it up with your friends, neighbors, and social clubs.

The Ten Commandments of Ambassadors - a must read - touch this link

Can't wait for our next trip? Visit Friendship Force International and join another club on their trip.

We are the Austin chapter of Friendship Force International. We join others around the world who believe that "a world of friends is a world of peace". This is a people to people program to learn about each other and strengthen ties of friendship. We hope you will join us!!

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Our club was established in 1984. Our mission is to sow the seeds of friendship across the nations of the world. Since 1985 our active members have participated in Friendship Force sponsored trips to Australia, Africa, Cuba, Europe, the Far East, the Middle East and South America. In addition, Friendship Force clubs from Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Taiwan, and some within the United States, have visited us to have the Austin Experience.


Our members are adventurers who enjoy forging new friendships as we explore places around the world. We live, work and play in Austin and the surrounding communities when we aren’t traveling.

A typical inbound/outbound exchange.

Travel to the exchange location is usually arranged by the member. Exchanges are typically one week at each club and some exchanges may go to two clubs on an exchange. The exchange begins with a welcoming party for the arriving ambassadors. Ambassadors are hosted at club member homes during their visit. During the visit ambassadors see sites of interest in the area. The exchange concludes with a farewell dinner with our new friends. Often an exchange will include an optional after exchange tour.

We are committed to the following pledge:

As a member of the Friendship Force, I recognize that I can make a difference. I recognize that I have a mission. That mission is to be a friend to the people of the world. As I embark upon this adventure, I know that others will be watching me. I know that through my own example to my own fellow citizens and the people of other countries, the cause of friendship and peace can be furthered. I can make a difference.

For more information on the Austin Club or to receive a membership application

eMail us at or download this link

Learn more about Friendship Force International at

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