Club Profile

General Information

Official club name: The Friendship Force of Austin

Closest major airport: Austin, Texas - But for International Travelers, Dallas, Texas and Houston, Texas are 200 miles away

Cost of transportation between the local airport and our city: $20-60 dollars depending who you are staying with, but would probably pick you up

Maximum number of Ambassadors our club can host: 15-20

Members: About 40

About the club:

The club began in 1989. Our 40+ members have monthly luncheons or happy hours at local restaurants. Every third month we have a General Meeting/dinner party at some member's house. We sponsor a couple of community involvement activities; such as monitoring relief stations for a local charitable bike race.

About the region:

Austin is a fairly large city of 1,000,000 people and has a about Two Million people in the regional area. Austin is considered by many as one of the most desirable cities in the United States in which to live. It is known as the live music capital of the world, a Mecca for new bands and musicians. Artists and play writers find a welcoming community here. It is the Capital of the State of Texas and has the largest university in the state system with 55,000 students on campus located downtown. On any weekend you will find festivals, runs and marathons, and special entertainment. Though a large city, it has that small city charm and friendliness. It is a very safe city with facilities to make one feel comfortable. The population is fairly young and the people actively enjoy the outdoors. The city prides itself on preserving the natural environment of Central Texas. Unemployment is low and wages are high giving most people a rather positive attitude.

Austin is located in the Hill Country of Central Texas where springs are plentiful among the prominent Live Oak and Cedar trees in the West. And to the East Farm and cattle land with gently rolling hills. This is a high-tech area with major industries like Dell Computer, IBM, Samsung, and Motorola find a home. San Antonio is a little more that an hour away.

It can be really hot and dry in the summer (103 Fahrenheit - 34C), but fall, winter, and spring are very desirable.The weather is generally clear and dry.

About a typical exchange:

A visit to the Texas State Museum, City Hall to see the Mayor, field trip to San Antonio, downtown entertainment, a music venue, a dance hall, whatever festival is going on that weekend, or any outdoor activities that would interest your club members. Several parties at member's houses.