Ways to Participate without leaving


1. Practice your welcoming skills. Host one or more persons in your home for up to a week when they visit our club and city from other states or countries.

2. Don’t have a guest room? Host a small group dinner, be a day host for a working host, or just attend the club welcome andfarewell dinners for incoming ambassadors.

3. Be a FF leader or a coordinator. Work on a Journey Committee that could result in you as a Host Coordinator for an incoming group; or help coordinate local activities with other organizations such as GLOBAL AUSTIN. Become a Member of our Leadership Council Board or attend the Board's monthly meetings. Head or join one of our many committees.

4. Open up your world. Serve on a committee to plan the week’s activities for the incoming ambassadors; take responsibility for an activity scheduled for ambassadors; help with an Open World visits of delegates from other countries who want to learn about democracy and how it works.

5. Travel by proxy. Attend the All-Member Quarterly General Meetings featuring a recent Outbound International or Domestic Journey. See their slides and hear about our ambassador’s experiences.

6. Let’s party! Participate in social events for members of Friendship Force. We have Happy Hour once a month, a Holiday Lunchoen in December, and quarterly meetings at different locations around Austin or in a member's home.

7. Get out of the house. Attend diversity events held in Austin to meet people and learn about other cultures; for example, happy hours or festivals with the local ethnic communities.

8. Build local friendships. Serve on a committee working to build friendships among people of other ethnicities, cultures and religions in our community.